Our Strengths

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Our strengths are what set us apart from our competitors. We know that you have a huge amount of choices when choosing a reception hall in Montreal, but what makes us better than everyone else?

What happen if electricity goes off?

• Full generator for the whole hall. You will never have any interruptions in case of loss of electricity. (very important for the food & music)

Is there enough parking place for my guests?

• Yes. We have parking for 500+ cars.

Is the bar helping my guests only?

• We do not have shared Bars (each hall has their own in hall Bar)

Are bathrooms share with all other events happening at the same time as mine?

• No. We do not have shared bathrooms. (each hall has their own bathroom inside each hall)

Your ingredients are fresh?

• We use the freshest of ingredients & offer high quality food & service only.